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Our Vision

A Florida Addiction Treatment industry where ethics and integrity are the foundation.

Our Mission

To provide ethical and transparent addiction treatment, by the member organizations, which then ensures service excellence becomes the priority.


The benefits will include acting as an advocate on behalf of the member organizations, assisting clients and their families in having access to treatment facilities that adhere to the highest level of integrity, ethics and service excellence. FATC will also lobby/advocate on behalf of the member organizations and the Florida Recovery industry.


By filling out our application, you agree to FATC’s mission and will support our efforts to change the Florida treatment industry through active participation and financial support according to the betterment of our organization.

What To Expect

The coalition will bring credibility to:

  • The member organizations
  • Improve the image of the membership locally and nationally
  • Improve the image of the treatment industry in Florida
  • Provide a vehicle for those seeking recovery and their families and referrals sources with a high degree of confidence that the services provided are of the highest quality.


  • NAATP has recognized us and made changes to their wording in the ethics manual.
  • We have been to three conferences and educated the groups on the changes in Florida.
  • Organizations (FMHCA, and FAADA) have reached out to recognize us as a force.

Board of Directors


Bob Lehmann

Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic

Vice President

Joe Bryan



Karyn Hurley

Addiction Training Center


Joel Rusher

Blue Pig Media

Members at Large

Joe Donovan

EBB Tide Treatment Center

Rootie Cook

Summerhouse Detox

Burt Boyle

Summerhouse Detox

Allen Schwartz

Community Liaison

Ira Levy

Sunrise Detox

A Personal Invitation

If you are a healthcare provider, treatment facility representative, or an interested member of our recovery community, you are invited to attend one of our monthly meetings.

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Members of the coalition

FATC mission is to bring integrity and accountability to our industry while bringing the attention back to countless premiere programs that call Florida home.

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